Thursday, June 17, 2010

#1 bebel

i have no idea why certain people enjoy littering. i know i'm not good enough to mother nature either but at least i don't litter. when i was young, whenever we were in a car for our journey to somewhere, my abah would bring along a plastic bag to be used in the car. we could only throw the rubbish in that plastic bag or else we would get scolded by him. being a good plus sweet daughter i have never thrown rubbish outside my abah's car window. i thought i did that to please my abah only but alhamdulillah the habit continues even after i got my cars; from kancil to getz. so when a person who took ride in my car said that she wanted to throw the drink cup outside the car window, i was stunned. at that moment, i couldn't think, what on earth, at this century, certain people couldn't see the importance of keeping this world clean. please, please kamu jangan nakal opsss terlebih sudah. please keep our world clean as we don not inheret the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children. i couldn't imagine how do i live next 10, 20 years but i don't hope to live in a dump

4 colours:

aReLaN said...

hmmm...lan pn kdg2 tensen sndri pn gtu.nk tgur abah sndri kang xsdp ati lak.adk2 brani la lan elok klu leh wat cm kt jpon.nk nmpk sampah bkn men ssh lg.

a.m.n.i.n.a said...

saya sokong kempen bumi bersih kelolaan ema.saya akan lebih prihatin.

p/s: skema mcm ayat iklan kerajaan.hehe.

Miss Q said...

*sentap mak!* - haku salu buang bijik asam kat luar tingkap! baek-baek.. sy insaf!


lan: betul tu..klau org tua lg la susah nk tgur. klau kwn akak sound aje ehehe
nina: marilah kite berkempen brsama2
qast: biji asam x pa kot..bleh jd fertilizer ehehe