Friday, September 24, 2010


hi peeps. still in raya mood?! as for me, bila dh besar2 mcm ni dh x excited sgt nk raya. as usual, my raya celebration was quite similar with last year je. i went back to both kampung; pekan n maran,makan ketupat-lemang-biskut raya, met with my dearest friends n had a picnic by the sea. nothing much different though i had a-2weeks-leave. raya puasa - done. now, waiting for raya haji plak. i'm planning to take 3 days leave. can't wait to go back to kuantan AGAIN!!!! yahoooo!!!
okla enoungh with raya stories. yesterday, i had an issue with a student. mls nk cite sbb mls nk ingat how rude was the student. to ease my problem, i did closet cleaning. for me, it's a kind of way to get rid of the problem temporarily. it turned out that i have to discard 3 pairs of pants and 3 pairs of kebaya because of my bigger thighs n bloated tummy. huhuhu i want my normal size back!!!!
after cleaning out my closet, i realize that it has been ages since i did my last offline shopping. even when i was in kuantan i didn't manage to shop n use the padini voucher card. i also realize how boring my closet is. it is ONLY full with baju kurungs(work attire), t-shirts(dr zaman U), pants(i don't wear jeans anymore), blouses(mostly from padini) n muslimah blouses which i bought online. not that i'm being ungrateful but being like any other women, i just need MORE ehehe. yup i can't get enough of baju-bajuan. owh, did i mention that i have to discard 3 pairs of pants. probably i need at least one new pants

Tapered Paperbag Pants from Blu & Blak
the link

the first pants seems nice kan but i've never bought pants from blogshop. takut beli tp tak muat. the second pants would be my favourite pick. i love the colour, the pattern n the comfortness of the pants. nampak sangat selesa n at the same time, hijab friendly(tak ketat)
the link
the link
effortlessly beautiful. how can i pull out these look??? - of course with longsleeve shirt n headscarf;) sebenarnya byk lg pictures yg menarik kt link-link yg dh diberikan tu. sape2 yg nk getting inspired bolehla klik je link tu. happy viewing;)

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HimAwaRi said...

hye ami....nice blog hehe...jmpr gak kat sini...nie rose shahputra dulu tu tau.. ^_^

anis said...

huhu...u r going to start the online shopping again????